Walmart Affiliate Program: Commissions, Benifits and How to join

Walmart Affiliate Program: As e-commerce expands its global dominance, affiliate marketing has become a crucial mechanism for online revenue generation. At the forefront of retail, Walmart stands out, not just as a retail giant, but also as a significant player in the affiliate marketing sphere. This guide delves deep into the intricacies of Walmart’s affiliate program.

Brief about Walmart as a retail giant

Spanning over six decades, Walmart’s journey from a single store in Arkansas to a global retail behemoth is nothing short of legendary. Serving almost a quarter-billion customers every week, Walmart epitomizes retail success, offering affordability and variety across continents.

Overview of the affiliate marketing landscape

Affiliate marketing has morphed into an essential digital marketing strategy. It’s a dynamic ecosystem where influencers and marketers earn by endorsing products, and brands see enhanced sales and extended reach. By 2020, a whopping 13 billion U.S. dollars were funneled into affiliate marketing, attesting to its lucrative appeal.

What is the Walmart Affiliate Program?

At its core, Walmart’s Affiliate Program is a monetization avenue where individuals earn commissions by endorsing Walmart products on their digital platforms.

Definition and basics of the program

Becoming a Walmart affiliate is akin to becoming a digital salesperson. Affiliates are furnished with unique tracking links. Every purchase made via these links means a commission in the affiliate’s pocket. So, the more you strategically display and promote, the heftier your earnings.

The significance of affiliate marketing for e-commerce giants

Affiliate marketing is not just about raking in sales for giants like Walmart. It’s a means to widen their brand’s umbrella, access diverse market segments, and fortify their online imprint. Through affiliates, they tap into fresh traffic sources, amplifying both reach and revenue.

Benefits of Joining the Walmart Affiliate Program

Competitive commission rates

Walmart’s affiliate program is lucrative, offering competitive commissions that can augment an affiliate’s overall income.

Extensive product catalog

From tech gadgets to fashion, Walmart’s vast inventory ensures that affiliates can find products that resonate with their audience, enhancing conversion prospects.

Reliable and timely payments

In the world of affiliate marketing, Walmart is synonymous with punctuality. Affiliates can rest assured that their efforts will be rewarded on time.

High brand trust and recognition

With Walmart’s global repute, affiliates have half the job done. Customers recognize and trust Walmart, making them more likely to make a purchase, benefiting the affiliate in turn.

How to Join the Walmart Affiliate Program

Prerequisites for joining

An active, regularly updated website is non-negotiable. Further, ensuring the website’s content aligns with Walmart’s values and guidelines can enhance the chances of approval.

Step-by-step signup process

Starting with a visit to Walmart’s affiliate website, the process involves a series of steps – from filling up the application form with pertinent details to specifying promotional strategies. Once the application is submitted, Walmart usually reverts within 24 hours with an approval or rejection.

Tips for getting approved

Having an active, content-rich website is key. Further, a substantial chunk of traffic from North America can be a game-changer given Walmart’s significant presence in the region.

Walmart Affiliate Program Commissions

The Walmart Affiliate Program commissions vary based on product categories. While the specific percentages might be updated from time to time, here’s a general breakdown based on the information available up to my last training data in September 2021:

Media & Gaming, Electronics, Cameras and Supplies, Wireless1% of item sale amount
Toys, Books & Magazines, Seasonal, Celebration, Stationery, Sporting Goods, Automotive, Hardware & Tools/Do It Yourself, Patio and Garden, Horticulture3% of item sale amount
Arts, Crafts, Sewing & Fabric, Cook and Dine, Home Decor, Bath and Shower, Bedding, Home Management, Furniture3% of item sale amount
Pets and Supplies, Beauty, Baby Hardlines3% of item sale amount
Mens Apparel, Baby/Toddler/Boys/Girls Apparel, Shoes, Intimate Apparel/Womens Apparel, Accessories, Jewelry4% of item sale amount

The commission rates are determined by the category of the product being sold. For instance, if a customer purchases an electronic item costing $100 through an affiliate link, the affiliate would earn a commission of $1 (1% of $100).

It’s essential to note that these rates might be updated periodically. Always refer to Walmart’s official affiliate documentation or portal for the most current commission rates and structures.

Understanding Walmart’s Commission Structure

Breakdown of commission categories

Walmart’s commission is variable, contingent on the product category. An electronic item might fetch a different commission compared to a clothing item.

Comparison with other major affiliate programs

While Walmart boasts a wide product array and brand trust, it’s essential to contrast its commission rates with other programs to ascertain the best fit for potential affiliates.

Tools and Resources for Walmart Affiliates

Link generators

Walmart offers affiliates an intuitive link generator, making it seamless to create customized tracking links.

Banners and promotional materials

Affiliates get access to a plethora of promotional materials, from banners to engaging ads, aiding in effective product endorsement.

Tools and Resources for Walmart Affiliates
Tools and Resources for Walmart Affiliates

Analytics and tracking tools

With Walmart’s in-depth analytics, affiliates can monitor performance, track conversions, and gain insights into audience behavior.

Challenges and Limitations of the Walmart Affiliate Program

Common concerns and issues faced by affiliates

A few affiliates have raised concerns regarding lower commission rates and heightened competition due to Walmart’s unparalleled popularity.

How to troubleshoot and resolve them

Staying abreast of the latest products and trends, along with regular content refreshes, can help navigate these challenges.


The Walmart Affiliate Program is a melange of potential earnings, unmatched brand recognition, and product diversity. With strategic planning and execution, it presents a golden opportunity for digital earnings.

Recap of the Walmart Affiliate Program’s potential

In a nutshell, the program offers affiliates an unparalleled opportunity to earn by tapping into Walmart’s vast product spectrum and global brand equity.

Encouragement for new marketers to venture into the program

For budding marketers, Walmart’s program is the perfect launchpad. The blend of brand trust and diverse products ensures that even those new to affiliate marketing can find success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Affiliate Program Affiliate Program FAQs


1. What exactly is the Affiliate Program?
The Affiliate Program allows individuals to earn commissions by placing’s banner ads or text links on their website. When visitors click on these links and make a qualifying purchase at, the affiliate earns a commission.
2. Who is Impact Radius in relation to the Affiliate Program?
Impact Radius serves as’s Affiliate Service Provider. They provide an interface for affiliates to monitor their sales, commissions, click-throughs, and impressions. It ensures that no sensitive customer data, like credit card details, is collected or tracked.
3. How can I earn commissions through this program?
Affiliates are given professionally designed banners and text links, often updated in weekly newsletters. By placing these on their website and directing visitors to who then make a purchase, affiliates earn a commission.
4. Can I access banners and text links without an affiliate account?
Yes, you don’t need a affiliate account to access banners and text links.
5. What are the benefits of joining’s Affiliate Program?
By joining, affiliates can offer visitors the diverse product range and value of Every successful referral resulting in a purchase earns the affiliate a commission.
6. Are there any costs associated with becoming a affiliate?
No, joining the Affiliate Program is entirely free.

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